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Machinery relocation and machinery transportation: A comprehensive guide from Industrie-Wartung Systeme IWS GmbH

Professional machinery transportation: Your machinery in safe hands

Prevention instead of damage limitation

Machinery transport refers to the process of moving or relocating industrial machinery or production equipment from one location to another. This type of transport can be beneficial for the optimisation of production processes, for cost saving, for enabling plant closures and for the relocation of production facilities, amongst other examples. Machine transport requires careful planning, disassembly and reliable reassembly to ensure that the machinery can be operated efficiently and safely at a new location.

Relevance of professional machinery relocation

The professional transport of machinery is an essential prerequisite for smooth operational procedures and long-term success. In the following, we will explain in detail why professional machinery relocation is of the utmost importance.

Workplace safety and safeguarding the health of employees

Professional machine relocation plays a significant role in ensuring operational safety and in protecting the health of your employees. Any risk of injury is minimised during the entire relocation process by compliance with strict safety standards, meticulous preparation and the expertise of accomplished professionals. A qualified and professional disassembly and assembly of any machinery will ensure that no dangerous situations arise.

Correct load securing and weight management during relocation also minimises the risk of accidents that could jeopardise employees, plant components and operational efficiency. The expertise of accredited specialists ensures that all legal requirements are fully met. Additionally, optimised processes and additional safety measures protect the health of employees, especially during physically demanding tasks. Overall, a professional machine relocation service ensures that operations remain safe and productive and consequently promotes a healthy working environment in which employees can work as usual.

Smooth and efficient processes to prevent downtime

Professional machinery relocation is crucial to ensure the maintenance of smooth and efficient processes and in preventing downtime. The experience of experts ensures that the relocation process is carefully planned and coordinated. This minimises interruptions in production, as machinery can be quickly put back into operation at a new location.

In addition to precise planning and execution, a professional relocation helps to ensure that no damage occurs to expensive components that could lead to costly repairs or replacements further down the road. This further ensures that operations run smoothly and that productivity is maintained. Overall, professional machinery relocation is the key to avoiding downtime and to ensuring efficient and continuous operations. This is indispensable, as prolonged interruptions to production can lead to significant financial losses.

Why choose IWS for machinery relocation?

IWS has the necessary know-how, experience and equipment to ensure a relocation is safe, efficient and damage-free. This also ensures compliance with legal regulations, minimises the risk of injury to your employees and helps to avoid costly downtime.

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Major obstacles & challenges for companies: machine transport and relocation

Transporting machinery is an enormous challenge for companies that can hardly be managed with their own available resources. This is due to the fact that the transport of heavy and large machines and industrial equipment is associated with complex challenges. For this reason, many companies rely on the external service provider IWS, which strives for a professional concept and conscientious planning for successful machinery transport.

Challenges when transporting large and complex factory systems

Transporting heavy and large-dimensioned machinery and industrial equipment is a complex process. Certain preparatory measures are necessary before actual transportation can begin. These include dismantling equipment, disconnecting media, the cleaning of and (if necessary) the dismantling  of individual componentry. Machinery and componentry can only be transported once these steps have been completed. At this point, the choice of suitable means of transport and routes, load securing during relocation and compliance with regulations and legal frameworks must always be taken into account.

Relocation requirements

The transport of machinery requires a professional concept and careful planning to ensure seamless processes. A detailed roadmap covering all aspects such as dismantling, safe transport, reassembly and  a time frame is therefore essential. Working together with experienced specialists and service providers who have the necessary equipment and expertise is crucial for cost-efficient machine transport.

Bespoke machinery transportation: types of machinery relocation - national and international

In the field of machinery relocation, no two consignments are the same. As a result, bespoke machinery transportation is the key to meeting the specific requirements of a wide range of equipment.

In the following paragraph, we take a look at the different types of machine relocations that IWS Schmalkalden can offer you. We also explain how we tailor our machinery transport services to meet your individual needs.

Company-internal transportation

Internal machine transportation is the process of moving or relocating machinery, equipment or materials within a company or production facility. This can serve to optimise the logistical processes within a business, increase efficiency, rationalise production processes and improve material workflows. In-plant machinery transport can be fulfilled using various methods and equipment, such as forklifts, conveyor belts, cranes or manual handling, depending on the specific requirements of the company.

Relocation of machinery to new premises

Relocating machinery to new premises refers to the relocation of industrial machinery and production facilities from one site to another external location. This is necessitated by various factors such as company relocation, production optimisation or cost reduction. This process requires particularly careful planning, as the choice of the optimal transportation route is a crucial aspect to relocation. Choice of route has an impact on the cost and duration of machinery transportation. Possible obstacles such as bridges, narrow roads or height restrictions must be taken into account.

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National and international transport of machinery

Our headquarters in Schmalkalden, in Germany’s geographical centre, allow us to operate both nationally and internationally. Our location in Hamburg is also at your disposal so that we can optimally fulfil your individual needs.


National machinery transportation:

National machinery transportation refers to the relocation of machinery and equipment within a single country. This can occur within state borders, or between different regions of the country. The logistical challenges of domestic machinery transportation are generally less complex than international relocations. However, careful planning, a safe means of transport and compliance with country-specific regulations are still absolute necessities.


International machinery transportation:

International machinery transportation refers to the relocation of machinery across national borders. This means that equipment is transported from one country to another. International machinery transportation is usually more complex. It requires compliance with international customs regulations, import and export regulations, as well as the possible introduction of language barriers and new legal requirements. In addition, the logistics are more challenging as transport routes cross international borders, requiring thorough planning and coordination.

What services are included in professional machinery transportation from IWS-Schmalkalden?

Our services at a glance:

  • Site inspection during the project planning phase to clarify all eventualities
  • Dismantling of all internal machine supply lines and machine parts into transportable units, removal of oil and cooling lubricants
  • Securing machinery for loading onto lorries
  • Transportation to the new location, unloading and installing machinery
  • Anchoring and aligning of the machinery and all componentry
  • Individual commissioning of the machines
  • Provision of the necessary transportation technology as well as packaging in all phases of transportation
  • Site clearance

Detailed procedure of an IWS machinery transportation service

IWS-Schmalkalden’s comprehensive services cover the entire process of machinery relocation. This begins with a thorough site inspection before transport in order to discuss and clarify all eventualities. As part of this site inspection in the project planning phase, various aspects of the operating site are examined in detail. This includes a detailed inspection of the machines and systems to be relocated, assessing their condition, size and weight. The layout of both the current and future location are also analysed, evaluating accessibility, structural features, dimensions and possible obstacles. In addition, the road conditions of the planned transport route are assessed, taking into account traffic obstructions and any necessary regulatory authorisations. Potential safety issues during the lifting and securing of any equipment are also assessed, as well as compliance with all legal requirements and regulatory authorisations. An evaluation of the schedule is also carried out, to ensure that the relocation process runs efficiently and on time. This comprehensive site inspection forms the basis for well-planned and successful machinery relocation.

Our experienced specialists then carry out a precise dismantling of the machinery, during which all internal supply lines and components are separated into transportable units, and all oil and coolant is carefully removed. The machines are then secured and loaded onto lorries for transport. Once at the destination, the machinery is unloaded and installed, paying attention to correct mounting and precise alignment, along with all other system components.

As a further step, the systems are carefully surveyed and expertly commissioned. Throughout the relocation process, IWS-Schmalkalden provides the necessary transportation equipment and packaging to ensure the safety and integrity of your machinery. Finally, we take care of a thorough site clean-up to leave behind a clean and safe environment.

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Anschließend führen unsere erfahrenen Experten eine präzise Demontage durch, bei der sämtliche maschineninternen Versorgungsleitungen und Komponenten in transportfähige Einheiten überführt werden, einschließlich der sorgfältigen Entfernung von Öl- und Kühlschmierstoffen. Darauffolgend werden die Maschinen gesichert und für den Transport auf Lastkraftwagen verladen. Am Zielort angekommen, erfolgt die Entladung und Installation der Maschinen, unter Berücksichtigung der korrekten Befestigung und präzisen Ausrichtung, inklusive sämtlicher Anlagenteile.

Als weiteren Schritt werden die Anlagen sorgfältig vermessen und fachmännisch in Betrieb genommen. Während des gesamten Verlagerungsprozesses stellt die IWS-Schmalkalden die erforderliche Transporttechnik und Verpackung bereit, um die Sicherheit und Integrität Ihrer Anlagen zu gewährleisten. Abschließend kümmern wir uns um eine gründliche Baustellenberäumung, um eine saubere und sichere Umgebung zu hinterlassen.

IWS machinery transportation: your partner for machine and plant relocations

Our qualified specialists ensure smooth processes

Put your trust in IWS-Schmalkalden: Our trained professionals specialise in ensuring flawless workflows and transport. From site inspection and disassembly, to the installation and commissioning of your plant at the new location – we are at your side with many years of experience to reliably fulfil your relocation requirements.


Modern technology & innovative equipment

IWS relies on modern technology and innovative equipment to realise your relocation requirements efficiently and safely. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables precise disassembly, safe transportation and the exact reinstallation of your machines and systems at their new location.


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