IWS GmbH: Tradition meets innovation - your partner in the industry since 1994

Who we are

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Your technical challenge is our motivation and our drive. Thanks to our continuous development, our sustainable approach and our breadth of expertise, we are able to design dynamic processes and innovative solutions for you on an individual basis. Based on your impulse, we can use our expertise, experience and experts to respond specifically to your projects. We guarantee the highest technical and professional level for the implementation of your tasks. You receive our know-how for an excellent service. We are your partner and have been there for you since 1994.


Flexibility through location diversity

Schmalkalden and Hamburg united: IWS GmbH presents itself as your high-performance partner with its main location in Schmalkalden, the heart of German engineering, and a key location in Hamburg, the gateway to the world.

IWS Schmalkalden

IWS GmbH’s headquarters are located in picturesque Schmalkalden, the heart of German precision and engineering. Here we combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to offer a wide range of technical services. Our experts in Schmalkalden set standards in quality and efficiency.

IWS Hamburg

In the vibrant metropolis of Hamburg, the gateway to the world, IWS GmbH offers state-of-the-art technical services. Our Hamburg location is a hub for innovation and efficiency, specializing in the needs of a globally networked clientele. In Hamburg, we combine global standards with local expertise.


Services at our

Discover the wide range of services offered by IWS GmbH at our locations in Schmalkalden and Hamburg. High-quality solutions in technology and service, regionally anchored and tailored to your needs.

Machine transportation and relocation

We take the load off your shoulders. Efficient and safe machine transportation. Your equipment in the best hands.

UVV inspection and maintenance

Your systems in the best hands. Professional UVV inspections for your safety. Put your trust in our expertise.

Maintenance and technical servicing

Keeping an eye on the smallest details to keep the biggest running. Reliable maintenance & technical servicing.

Pipeline construction and media supply

Precise pipe construction and media supply. Quality and accuracy in the supply.

Technical cleaning

Thorough technical cleaning for your systems. Maximum cleanliness and efficiency to optimize operational performance and longevity.

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Contact our teams of experts

Get in touch with the experts at IWS GmbH. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with customized solutions and first-class service. We are just a click away.

Machine transport

Our machine transport team ensures the safe and efficient transportation of your equipment.


UVV inspection

Rely on our UVV inspection team for thorough safety checks and compliance.



Our maintenance and servicing team keeps your systems running reliably.


Technical cleaning

The technical cleaning team ensures the cleanliness and functionality of your systems.


Steel construction and metal

Precision and quality are the focus of our sheet metal and steel processing team.


Industrial challenge? Talk to IWS - we'll find the solution together.